Thursday, October 1, 2009

I am a politician. I am above the law

Yesterday as I drove through the busy Aminjikarai area at close to peak time, one of the arterial roads connecting Aminjikarari and Sheny Nagar was virtually blocked off with a stage and chairs. Huge posters of MK, Stalin and assorted DMK souls were plastered all over and huge, I mean really huge, huge-enough-for-rock-concert-type speakers were blaring out Tamil music. Our ineffectual cops, those poor lackeys, were hanging around and watching the whole tamasha. A couple of them were listlessly directing traffic through the narrow lane to the side of the makeshift stage for traffic to go.
Our politicians, we all know, are corrupt megalomaniacs. But isn’t there a limit to their idiocy? Who puts up stuff like this on a busy road and disrupts peak hour traffic? Doesn’t the inconvenience caused to motorists bother them? What about all the poor sods in the area who were being ‘treated’ to super loud music? And, I presume, once the visiting politician came, he would have made a loud raucous speech, shouting and screeching into the microphone. Are there no parks in this city or grounds that can be used? Why the roadside show?
The Supreme Court has defined clear laws for noise pollution but the biggest polluters are political parties, who couldn’t care less about the laws. ‘Stuff them’ is their attitude. All they care is about their power and their own self-aggrandisement even if it causes inconvenience to others. No wonder, religious institutions in this city have taken up after our illustrious politicians and blare music on loudspeakers and disturb the peace of those around. For politicians, they are bigger than the law; for religious institutions, their God is bigger than the laws of the land.
Until our politicians start by following the laws of the land, there’s no hope for this country. And our cops, are like puppets on a string, ineffectual toothless fairies who will jump to do anything a politician asks. Pathetic!


  1. Tell me about it!! It's worse when you can hear it from your house. During election time, I feel like I'm waking up on the road. Brrr.

  2. We all need to get together and make a stink about it