Friday, February 5, 2010

I don’t wanna know!

There are people in this world who have an opinion on everything…yes, everything. Yu could be talking about cooking, your pet’s health, music, medicine, travelling, writing…whatever…and they will butt in with an opinion or a suggestion….every goddamn time.
What is it with people? Why oh why must they dish out unsolicited advice on every topic under the sun? Don’t they realise how annoying it is to the recipient to have to listen as an authoritative voice drones on and on with maddening certainty about any given topic.
Tell them you are feeling tired. It could be that you haven’t slept the previous night…or you’ve been working too hard. They will diagnose you with diabetes! Assuming you have been diagnosed with an illness, they will pooh pooh whatever your doc has said, and list out medicines that you should be taking. I guess a doc’s MBBS degree is no match for all the trawling that the know-alls do on the Internet. Oh yes, they know better than your veterinarian about what could be causing your dog’s skin problem. They are expert cooks too. They will taste your food and give you suggestions on how you should have prepared it to make it tastier or healthier or whatever.
My only request to know-alls…sure maybe you are this bottomless font of information and knowledge…but please, oh please, could you keep that expert knowledge to yourself and dispense it only to those who seek your opinion? Is that too much to ask?


  1. Uh oh! Makes me wonder... How much advice I dish out!!!! :)

  2. No it's not too much to ask :)
    It gets worse when people have no clue about your situation and still want to give advice, just for the sake of giving some!

  3. bang on. " i know it all attitude" is so sick. may be we have just lost the ability to just "listen".

  4. you know, i used to hate it when people did that. but these days i figure these people need something to make themselves sound wise and important, so i just give them a patient ear and go on with my life. everyone's happy.

  5. Vinita--I think we are all unrecognized pundits! Nobody recognizes or reveres our wisdom. So it is a free for all when we collar somebody, somewhere!

    Ahem! Am I sounding too much of a know it all?