Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Little Monsters

Little monsters! Whatever happened to that old adage…children should be seen not heard? Don’t mistake me, I love kids but when parents preen over badly behaved, rambunctious, overly boisterous, ill-mannered kids…I want to SCREAM! If your child cannot visit someone’s home without taking on the avatar of a mini tornado wreaking havoc and destruction in his or her path, then, maybe, you should leave your kids at home. Kids who never let adults carry on a conversation without interrupting every minute, who throw mega temper tantrums, who shriek and scream at decibel levels that will make you feel homicidal, who turn a deaf ear to any pleas to behave…well, they shouldn’t be exposed to others!

It’s strange but I’ve met so many parents who talk about how they will never tolerate their kids behaving badly…and then proceed, through that evening to reveal just the opposite. It’s like they’ve got blinkers on when it comes to their own kids. They look on with a benevolent gaze as the child disrupts conversations, situations and sometimes their host’s homes! The child spits food on the floor, jumps on the sofa with shoes on, pulls the dog’s tail, natters and natters incessantly…groan. And, hey parents, we’d love to hear your child sing a song or shake a leg, but that doesn’t mean we want to be subjected to an endless parade of song and dance routines! And, no we are NOT interested in watching the entire video of your child’s annual day or leafing through album after album of pics of the little one sleeping, eating, doing potty, smiling, crying, laughing, making eyes, smiling again, crying again…you get the picture?

So if your little angel is a pain in the nether regions to others, my suggestion – forget about being seen and not heard…maybe this child should be hidden from public view!

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