Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Since I have never blogged, this starts out as an experiment. I sit here scratching my head and tryng to figure out what the focus of my blig should be...well, that's a tough one. There's so much to write about. So many things that pop up in our daily lives - some beautiful, some ugly, some amusing and many that are just frustrating. One meets so many poeple, experiences so many situations, observes a host of things...I guess this will just be a freewheeling expression of anything that catches my fancy or my attention. At times it will possibly be a raving and ranting session, at other times it could be about something or someone that has touched my life, often it could be about the bizarre behaviour of bizarre people...well, I guess I'll just have to let it take a shape and form of its own!

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  1. chuppa rustom! enjoyed reading the posts. looking forward to coming back for more : )